AGENT 80 crafts real products utilising INTELLIGENT* INGREDIENTS.
Fresh & local produce is thoughtfully chosen to create our goods.
We don’t use artificial flavours, colours or concentrates or other nonsensical additives.
We support local growers & every decision made is with our environment in mind.
Not all sugar is created equal, so we use it sparingly (this is a big part of what we are about) to let our INTELLIGENT INGREDIENTS stand out.

*our INTELLIGENT INGREDIENTS aren’t going to get your PowerPoint presentation finished for you Barry, that’s on you. They are however chosen with care and thought (intelligently) to provide you with something flavoursome and conscientious. Neato.

AGENT 80 goes undercover in this mislead world of shiny labels & clever marketing.
We are proud of what we put into our products, so much so we place them on the front of the label. We don’t hide behind our ingredients.
The Skull Dood is used to indicate our most scaled-back form, no hat, lippy or monocle here, what you see is what you get. That’s what our products are about. Where others use questionable additives to dress their products up, we get by on our winning personality & only the necessary core ingredients. The bare bones if you will.